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About Simply Shift LLC,
Transitioning and Downsizing Services for Louisville, KY Seniors

What We Do

At Simply Shift LLC, we provide senior transitioning services that start with a no-cost consultation to determine your needs. Whether you're downsizing in your current home, sorting out your furniture and other items to pack up and pass down to family, preparing for an estate sale, modifying your home to be safer or simpler, or transitioning to a new home or assisted living, we're here to help with the unique experience of home care and transitioning for seniors.


If you're a senior or a caregiver for a loved one and you know that a transition is needed, but you're not sure what to do next, we're here to guide you through the process. Our team is dedicated to making your home safer and/or preparing you for your move. Let us help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Cindy Bush, Owner, Simply Shift LLC

Who We Are

Hi, I am Cindy Bush, Founder and Owner of Simply Shift, LLC. I have been in healthcare and specifically senior care since 2010, providing a broad range of services, from non-medical homecare to senior living sales, activities management, dietary management and adult day development.

What I Actually Love to Do,  Specifically for Seniors:


  • Downsizing & Transitioning Planning

  • Sorting/Packing/Unpacking

  • Moving/Unpacking

  • Setting up and Organizing

  • Managing Donations and Sales

  • Disposal and Clean Out

  • Un-Hoarding (if resident has moved out)

  • Sorting and Dispersal of Personal Items to Family and Friends

  • Wellness, Environment Evaluation and Senior Living Tips/Advice, Plus Referrals to Other Senior/Eldercare Resources, from Attorneys to Therapists and Remodeling Contractors

Mission/Vision: My goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations and deliver outstanding, ethical and dependable services wherever it is our clients call home. I focus on the smallest and biggest things in life that matter to our clients. Being dependable, trustworthy, and on time is my commitment to every client I serve.

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