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Downsizing, Packing, Selling & Moving 
Services for Louisville, KY Seniors

Keep the Memories. Reduce the Stuff. Moving On!

Downsizing can be stressful, especially if leaving the home where you raised your children, or maybe where you lived all your life. We have come to see things and possessions one-and-the-same as memories, because that's what they immediately bring to mind. Often, the processes of transitioning and downsizing begin with these discussions and stories. Good! Whatever the reason and nature of downsizing for you, it's important to talk about what is important ... to you. It may take some time to realize ... the memories and the "things" are not one and the same. You can keep the memories, move or sell the stuff, and move on to your next space, activities, adventures and freedom!

Of course, every client has unique needs, and our experience in caregiving for seniors teaches us to always be helping. For example, does a senior with memory issues need some essential "things" to keep certain memories? Perhaps having all of their possessions in front of them is overwhelming? What is important, and what can be harmful or confusing? We need to review situations carefully, often with caregivers and family, to ensure that every transition is a healthy move to a better situation and environment, whether it's a condo on a beach or an assisted living community just down the road. 

That's Why ... We Start with a Free Talk. It's Important to Know Where You Have Been, Where You Are Going, Where You Want to Be, and Why!


Downsizing and Moving for Louisville, KY Seniors

  • Reviewing Needs, Plans and Priorities

  • Planning What to Pack, Move, Store and Sell

  • Packing and Unpacking

  • Coordinating and Managing Movers

Yard Sale

Decluttering, Clean-Outs & Dispersal or Selling of Items for Louisville Seniors 

  • Decluttering, Sorting and Clean-Outs of the Home and Storage

  • Planning and Organizing Items for Sale, Storage or Dispersing to Family

  • Organizing Estate Sales, Yard Sales, Garage Sales

  • Assisting Estate Sales

  • Pricing, Packaging, Labeling, Tagging

  • Tracking Sales and Depositing Funds

Yard Sale
Nursing Home

Senior Living Tips and Advice

  • Discussing Plans, Needs and Options

  • Assessing Needs

  • Itemizing Belongings for Moving, Packing, Storing, Selling

  • Planning Space

Downsizing & Moving
Sorting & Selling
Assisted Living Prep

Home Modifications for Safety and Needs

  • Evaluation of Needs and Preferences

  • Prioritizing and Planning Home Modifications for Need, Convenience and Safety

  • Referring Home Modification Work, Such as Rails, Ramps, Cabinet Inserts

Neatly Folded Linen
Home Modfications
Organizing the Calendar
Organizing the Calendar

Transition Plans and Management

  • Beginning with Questions and Needs Instead of Plans

  • Identifying Resources (Senior Living Visits, etc.)

  • Formulating the Transition Plan

  • Managing the Transition Plan and Coordinating Resources (Movers, Home Care, Senior Day Centers, Transportation, etc.)

Transiton Planning
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